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Meditation Training for company

The success of any company is reflected by the success of the employees. If employees know how to reduce stress and feel less overwhelmed by knowing how to meditate regularly, they can contribute more creativity and productivity to the company.

In one-hour Meditation Training Program (in person or via video conference call), your employees will
  • learn the definition of meditation,
  • experience the benefits of meditation backed up by scientific proofs
  • meditate live with our trainer, Nandar Matari
  • be able to ask questions concerning meditation and further practice
  • receive 10-minute guided meditation in mp3 format, with which they can keep on practicing meditation in their daily life.

Meditation 101 Coaching

Do you want to reduce stress & anxiety?
Do you want to get rid of the feeling of being overwhelmed?
Do you want to develop clear vision, focus and attention for your life?
Are you a leader and ready to take responsibility for your life?
Then, meditation 101 coaching program might be suitable for you.

Meditation Coaching is different from psychological therapy or life coaching. We don’t spend time exploring mental and emotional wounds. Instead, we implement meditation to OBSERVE your current feelings, thoughts and emotions as it is. It will make you release negative thoughts and emotional patterns and substitute with positive ones.

You can make the following 5 level of developments through daily meditation
  • 1. You will have more awareness in your daily life and understand your feelings and emotions and people around you better
  • 2. You will let go of negative thoughts, emotions and feelings which are no longer serving you
  • 3. You will develop more self love and self acceptance, seeing things with higher perspectives and we will start living our happiness, peace and freedom in our daily life.
  • 4. You will understand your situation on a deeper level, seeing the correlation between your life events. You will see the norm of the society and acquire a clear vision for yourself
  • 5. You will comprehend the universal or spiritual laws at a deeper level through your first hand experience of meditation and know how to develop total personal freedom or enlightenment in your life.

You will receive a tailored-made 10-15 minute guided meditation in audio file (mp3) after every session of meditation coaching.

Group Meditation Training

Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Ghandi

  • 1st Level - 8-week Group Training (Transforming Self)
    Online Training
  • 2nd Level - 8-week Group Training (Transforming Relationships)
    (Coming soon)
  • Becoming a Meditation Teacher
    (Coming soon)

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