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Paramahasha Yogananda (The founder of Yoga)

Paramahasha Yogananda
(The founder of Yoga)

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Our Mission

To inspire people to meditate to reduce stress & anxieties, to promote better mental health, to bring more joy and happiness and to create harmonious society by promoting higher consciousness & peace in our world

Our Customer

Ambitious leaders, change makers, generous givers, risk takers and peaceful warriors who want to make the most out of their lives and leave a greater impact to our world

1:1 Evolutionary Leader Training

Meditation Coaching is different from psychological therapy or life coaching. We don’t spend time exploring mental and emotional wounds. Instead, we implement meditation to OBSERVE your current feelings, thoughts and emotions as it is. It will make you release negative thoughts and emotional patterns and substitute with positive ones spontaneously.

About me

Our Meditation Trainer, Nandar Matari was born and raised in Myanmar (Burma), where she started learning and practicing the precious ancient methods of mindfulness and meditations from many Buddhist monks and masters. She worked in different careers as English Teacher in Myanmar, Financial Consultant later Sales Manager and Recruiting Specialist in Germany. In spite of her great professional successes, she did not feel fulfilled and she decided to follow her passion of teaching meditations since 2014. Through her daily convention of meditations and diverse experiences in the past 28 years, she has created different forms of guided meditations to transform people’s lives with Meditation for better health, more productivity and personal transformation. She is currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. 

All about Meditation

What is meditation?

Meditation is a tool to retrain our brain. It is an exercise to train our mind to concentrate and focus on breath, one object, one image or sensations of our body to increase our awareness, concentration power and consciousness for our body, feelings, thoughts and emotions. With time, we will understand the correlation between our mind, body and emotions and it can make us more emotionally intelligent.

How meditation can change our brain?

If someone reaches a higher brain wave (Theta) through meditation, our brain can rejuvenate by itself and it also has a substantial effect on our brain. After 8 consecutive weeks of meditation, the small brain or reptilian brain (Amedila), where we control our emotion, gets smaller.  Consequently, meditators reduce stress and anxieties and are able to control their emotions better.  On the other hand the frontal part of the brain or prefrontal Cortex, which controls the whole function of our brain, becomes larger. As a result, meditators increase their brain function and develop more neuro paths. Meditators can work longer hours compared to non-meditators. 

What are the benefits of meditation?


Sue Sacco

Promotional Products Expert, Business Owner

Nandar is very knowledgeable, supportive and has helped me to make a leap forward in my business through her meditation guidance. 

I highly recommend Nandar to anyone considering working with her.

Christopher Howard

Douglas Elliman

Meditating with Nandar made me understand and lived Spiraling energy through my body inside out.

I felt love, calmness, warmth and unlimited possibility around me!

Sultan Deniz

Frankfurt, Germany
My name is Sultan Deniz. I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher, energy healer, and meditation coach. Being born into a centuries-old wisdom tradition, I grew up with the knowledge of Spirituality and Universal Laws from my childhood. I met Nandar in August 2017.

Following the Spark

How Living Authentically Leads to Finding Destiny

In her autobiography, Nandar Matari shares the compelling story of how she grew up in poverty in a restrictive Buddhist society in Myanmar, her struggles to leave her country to find freedom, her disillusionment with the elusive pursuit of success in the developed world, and how she ultimately found her purpose in serving others.

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