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8-Week Transformational Program


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8-Week Transformational Program

To Transform Your Inner & Outer World
One time payment $1500.- , 2 times payment $760.- or 3 times payment $520.-

What is included in the price?
– 8 live sessions of 1 & half hour every week​
– 2 extra individual coaching sessions of 1 hour each
– 8 recorded lessons of 8 spirituals or universal laws​
– 8 recorded 15-minute guided meditation​

What you will learn from the 8-week course?
You will
– learn to meditate by meditating in group​
– study the universal/spiritual laws and how to live in coherence with our own nature & universe​
– understand more about yourself, knowing what is good for you and what is not​
– be in touch with your feelings and emotions better​
– be able to clarify your goals and vision​

How is the course structured?
– It is online group coaching course happened over 8 weeks​
– You will be guided to meditate twice for 15 minutes each week​
– We will discuss one universal/spiritual law per week​
– You will be able to download the meditations and recorded lessons with a password (you will receive the password after purchasing the program)​
– You are suggested to meditate at least once per day using the recorded guided meditation​

What kind of results can you expect out of this course?
– You will be able to meditate easily​
– Your energy level will get raised from the first week onwards​
– You will experience the substantial changes after every session​
– You will acquire different perspectives on yourself and the world around you​
– You will have a sense of calmness, peace and self-love​

About Nandar Matari, Meditation Coach & Trainer
– born and grown up in Myanmar, where she learned meditation from Buddhist meditation monks and masters for 28 years ago​
– worked in different professions as English Teacher in Myanmar, Financial Consultant, Sales Manager & Recruiting Specialist in Germany​
– taught meditation to a couple of thousand people in groups and individual settings in Frankfurt (Germany), New York City, Myanmar & Zurich in the past 6 years​
– currently living in Zurich, Switzerland and teaching meditation online and in person​

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