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To change and transform your inner and outer world

My name is
Nandar Matari

I am a Meditation Coach and Trainer. I was born and grown up in Myanmar and I learned meditation from the Buddhist monks and meditation masters in my country for 27 years ago.
Through my regular practice of daily meditation, I
  • learned to overcome my negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones,
  • build my own self confidence and achieve many personal and professional goals.
  • I could follow my dreams of living in different cities of the world like Yangon (Myanmar), Bangkok (Thailand), Frankfurt (Germany), New York (USA) and currently in Zurich (Switzerland),
  • practicing different careers as English Teacher, Interpreter, Financial Consultants, Sales Manager, Recruiting Specialist successfully
Out of my own 27-year practice of meditation, I have created 10-15 minutes guided meditation and taught them to hundreds and thousands of people during the past 6 years. I am so thankful to experience many transformation and miracles how my clients or students got transformed inside out by practicing daily meditation.
They got...
  • healed their burn-out and deep depression,
  • cleared their fears and anxieties,
  • found clarity and sense of purpose for their lives and
  • enjoyed abundance in all levels of their lives.

What my students says..

William Bolls

Corcoran Group

After having a goal of integrating meditation into my morning routine for several years, I was able to do it as soon as I started practicing with Nandar. I am grateful to Nandar for helping me incorporate meditation into ...

Christopher Howard

Douglas Elliman

Meditating with Nandar made me understand and lived Spiraling energy through my body inside out. I felt love, calmness, warmth and unlimited possibility around me!

Sue Sacco

Promotional Products Expert, Business Owner

Nandar is very knowledgeable, supportive and has helped me to make a leap forward in my business through her meditation guidance. I highly recommend Nandar to anyone considering working with her.

I now want to make room for serious individuals (max. 8) who wants to practice daily meditation and experience this wonderful transformational experience during 8 weeks.
8 weeks group meditation is designed to...
  • let go of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions from the past
  • find clarity and strength for your present life
  • build up a new project or career
  • to find a sense of purpose and vision for your future
Meditators will be meeting for 8 Fridays
starting from August 7th
at 8am to 9.15am EDT (New York Time)
for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
After registering for 8-week group meditation, you'll
  • receive zoom link to join the group
  • have access to membership site
  • be able to listen weekly lesson in membership site
  • be able to download the meditation(s) or listen in membership site
  • write your daily journal on membership website
  • receive extra 1 hours meditation 101 coaching session with me
  • book extra meditation 101 coaching session with 50% discount
Meditate & Change Your Life!
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